… Why a Boudoir Session?

  • If you have never had a professional photo shoot then you are in for a treat! Makeup, Hair, Lights, Professional Photographer = You looking more amazing than you ever thought possible.
  • You deserve to feel beautiful! I promise you’ll be happy with your photos and have a great time, too! You don’t need to give the photos as gifts to anyone but yourself! … Although, you may want to start handing copies out to total strangers because you’ll be so proud and confident of how good you look!


  • You are single and proud of it. Or you want to rub it in to that ex-“how-dare-he-dump-me” how hot you look. Or you just want a picture of yourself to hang on your wall.
  • You are married, and proud of it. Hey you’ve lasted this long, and everything you have taken is homemade and in your computer. It’s time to step it up a notch. 🙂


  • To celebrate yourself or a milestone! Maybe it’s a 10 year anniversary or a promotion you really worked hard for; maybe you just had a baby and are ready to feel glamorous again! A Boudoir session is a perfect way to celebrate!
  • Going shopping for accessories and lingerie is just plain fun! Okay, so it may cause anxiety for some (like me) because there are so many choices and ideas lol. However, putting together an outfit that would never see the public eye is exciting. When else would you get to justify spending money yourself?!Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 9.35.30 PM


  • Special Occasions…….Wedding gift for your husband, Valentine’s Day, engagement gift, birthday, or just because.
  • Remember that Boudoir does not mean you have to wear lingerie! It should be whatever makes you feel sexy and confident. Maybe it’s a favorite pair of jeans and a bra. Or maybe it’s a pair of sexy panties and your tank top! As long as YOU feel confident and sexy it will show in the pictures!


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